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IM Script Repositories

Sources of ImageMagick Scripts

There is NO official repository for scripts. However, individuals create some repositories, of various stuff. However what one person finds useful, others may need to modify for their own use. So caution is recommended.

Ideally the scripts should be self-documenting and clearly written, and the ones here are generally like that.

This includes...
  • Some Examples Scripts installed in '/usr/share/docs/...' ┬á as part of the IM installation (or in the IM sources).

  • IM Examples, Shell Scripts Area, for scripts detailed in or used by these example pages.

  • Ron Savages Perl 'Hax'. Are raw tar file collections of very small IM scripts. It is very very old, but the concepts are still there.

  • Fred Weinhaus's ImageMagick Scripts provides a large collection of complex shell scripts for filtering and distorting images in various ways.

  • RubbleWebs which uses PHP scripts calling the ImageMagick Command Line API. This was created by the regular IM Discussion Forum user 'Bonzo'.

  • RMagick Examples, which includes the original script that was incorporated into IM as the Polaroid transform.

  • Tom Watson's ImageMagick Scripts provides TCSH scripts using IM. Mostly they are for handling of digital camera photos.