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Note: Drawing Percent Characters is no longer a issue in IM, as percent '%' escapes were completely removed from all operators except "-annotate" for drawing text, and "-label" for "monatge" labels.

This page is for reference for older IM users who may still have to deal with this bug. The examples on this page have not been re-created when/if the bug was fixed.

A Percent Problem

The percent character '%' presents a different problem. If you just use it, most likely it will draw onto the image just as you would expect.

    magick -size 250x50 xc:none  -box white  -pointsize 20 -gravity center \
             -draw 'text 0,0 "  97%  "' \
            -trim +repage -bordercolor white -border 5x0  draw_percent_ok.gif
[IM Output]

But if you follow the percent character by certain special characters like 'd' the percent and that character disappears.

    magick -size 250x50 xc:none  -box white  -pointsize 20 -gravity center \
             -draw 'text 0,0 "  abc%def  "' \
            -trim +repage -bordercolor white -border 5x0  draw_percent_bad.gif
[IM Output]

The problem is that in the 'C' programming language "%d" is used for special purposes. so replaces the character sequence with something else, in this case nothing. This could probably be regarded as a bug.

The work-a-round was to replace all drawn text percent symbols with two such symbols, EG "%%'.

    magick -size 250x50 xc:none  -box white  -pointsize 20 -gravity center \
             -draw 'text 0,0 "  abc%%def  "' \
            -trim +repage -bordercolor white -border 5x0  draw_percent_fixed.gif
[IM Output]

Created: 1 August 2005
Updated: 9 August 2005
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>
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