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Development and Bugs

ImageMagick Examples Preface and Index
These pages demonstrate and provide workarounds for various bugs known to exist, or used to exist within IM. Most of these bug demonstration pages are not updated with the current distribution of IM. So that when a particular bug is fixed, the page can still demonstrate the unfixed effects of the bug. Check the version number at the bottom of the page for the last time those examples were generated. Basically this allows for older IM users to check their implementation, and apply workarounds for their scripts. Especially when they do not have control of the versions of IM that is installed on the system (for example on an ISP controlled web server), or standard linux distro installations.
 -----   Future Development    -----
IM Version 7 Recommendations     Proposed Changes     - in flux -
IM Version 7 CLI Scripting Notes CLI and Scripting - in flux -
IM Version 7 FX and Percents Settings and Escapes - in flux -
Future Development Notes Future Proposals (for comment) - in flux -
 -----   Bug Demonstrations    -----
Testing Bugs Examples Testing of Current Minor Bugs, (to be fixed) - in flux -
Semi-Transparency Draw Overlays of Semi-Transparent Colors Fixed, IM v6.0.0 beta
Draw Percent Drawing Percent Text Characters Fixed, IM v6.2.4
Resize Halo Resizing Transparent Images Fixed, IM v6.2.4
Blur Transparency Blurs of Transparent Images Fixed, IM v6.2.4-4
Animation Bugs Background Dispose Handling Fixed, IM v6.2.5-3
Displacement Bugs Multiple Displacement Map Bugs Fixed, IM v6.2.8-1
Composite Mask Composite Masking with Transparency Fixed - IM v6.3.4-11
Fuzz Distance Fuzz Distance and Transparent Colors Fixed - IM v6.6.6-4
 -----   IM Improvement Studies    -----
OrderedPosterizeImage() Ordered Dither Expansion Notes Added to IM v6.2.9-8